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Attendance at community based exercise sessions designed specifically for older people can help many different conditions and situations, for example:

Heart Disease

Ruby aged 71 years says, “I attended heart club for several years but found the journey got too much. It is wonderful having a class so close to home and I am really feeling the benefits – I am fitter than I have been for a long while”


Heart Disease & Diabetes

Joan says "I have been coming to the chair based class since it started on April 14th 2011.   Since attending I have:

- been walking better

- started gardening again

- been able to get up out of the chair better

- been able to do more housework than I have for ages, even mopping the floor

- gained the confidence to go out shopping on my own, something I haven't done since my last heart attack"


High Blood Pressure

Roger says, "I only went along to the classes to keep my sister company but I'm so glad that I did.   The nurse who runs the classes invited me for a simple health check and, as I believed myself to be a very fit and healthy sort of chap, thought I'd pass with flying colours!

I was shocked when she checked my blood pressure and found it to be dangerously high.   She was very good about it and wouldn't let me join in the class until I had been checked out by my GP.   I would never have thought about going to get it checked because I felt so fit and healthy - if she hadn't checked it who knows what would have happened - I dread to think!

It was several weeks before I was able to return to the exercise classes for it took a while to get the blood pressure down to an acceptable level."


Balance and Stability

Gordon aged 89 years says, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world – my balance and leg strength have improved beyond recognition”


Loneliness & Isolation

Margaret says, "The best thing about the Younger 4 Longer group is getting out and meeting people, it's the highlight of my week.  

I have done so many things there that I would never have thought possible, going on outings, meeting new friends, knitting hats and gloves and things for poor children overseas and packing the little shoe boxes with presents for them - I don't have any close family of my own, so I'm pleased to be able to do it for them instead.  

I have never been one for exercising, but I do join in the classes because everyone tells me it's good for me, I do have to admit though, even the exercises can be good fun!"


Social Isolation

Shirley aged 78 years says, “I feel so isolated where I live and the classes are my weekly lifeline. I so look forward to coming and catching up with all the gossip and seeing my new friends- as well as doing the exercise of course!”


Fun and Enjoyment

Daphne aged 80 years says, “The classes are so much fun - we have a good sing and enjoy the social time as well as the doing the exercise! We are having a Pancake Party next week!”


All Abilities Can Do It!

Betty aged 82 says, “I really enjoy our lessons and although I get a bit confused and can’t keep up with some of the others, I have managed to work out when to ease off and I still feel it is doing me so much good”


Good Place to Meet Friends

Gordon aged 75 years says “I went to the gym where I used to live, but I much prefer coming to the class as it is good to meet up with friends. It is surprising how much work we get through and I can already feel the benefit”


Arthritis & Hip Replacement

Sheila writes, "I suffer from painful arthritis in many of my joints, and receive great benefit from regular attendance, twice a week, at the exercise classes.   I am convinced that I achieved greater mobility than would otherwise be expected by participating in these classes.   The exercises are set to music and with genial, friendly company; the atmosphere is most relaxing which helps to encourage us all to exert ourselves with that necessary extra effort.

Nearly five years ago I was given a total hip replacement and I credit my swift recovery being considerably helped by membership of the classes both before and after my operation.   Interestingly many of the exercises already in our routine were those also recommended by the physiotherapist in my post operative care.

I look forward to my exercise sessions each week where I enjoy the social contact and have made many new friends."  


Calf Pain

Anne says, "Thank you so very much for setting up the Younger 4 Longer clubs.   When I first started to attend the exercise sessions 9 years ago, I found that I had to stop 3 or 4 times during the session to rest because of pains in my calves.   Now I can get through the whole session without any pain.

We all really enjoy the day trips too, especially the one to the Isle of Wight, the ride on the ferry made it seem like a real holiday.   I have never been to the Island before and would never have gone on my own, I can't wait for the next outing."


Following a Broken Leg

Betty says, "I have been coming to the 'Younger for Longer' exercise classes for about 8 years.   Last year, as the result of a fall I fractured my femur.

I have returned to my exercise class and am finding the exercises very beneficial.   It is so important to strengthen the muscles and get them working properly again - I thoroughly recommend it.   An added bonus is exercising with other people, it is great fun and very good therapy!"


Being a Little Overweight

Gwen wrote, "Thank you for your very enjoyable classes which, over the five years I have been coming, have improved my fitness and reduced my weight by a whole stone!

I find the classes energising, stimulating and beneficial, I look forward to many more years of exercising together,"


Blindness & Loss of Balance

Daisy says, "Just before my 90th birthday I fell and broke my hip, but I made a good recovery and have returned to my exercise class.   Going back to the classes in our local village hall has been a real help to regaining my confidence and mobility.   I've learned how to get up off the floor safely if I do fall again and, even though I'm registered blind, I've been able to get out and about on the buses again."


Following Heart Surgery

June said,   "I have been a member of Younger 4 Longer for 9 years now.   A few years ago I had to have emergency open heart surgery over in Brighton.   Throughout my time in hospital I practiced the exercises that I had been taught at the exercise classes.   I know it was doing that that helped me get through it all - I know that doing the exercises that I had learned at the classes helped me to get walking again and on to a speedy recovery.

After a few months of convalescence I joined the sitting down classes to begin with in order to regain my confidence and was delighted to be able to return to the active class where I was able to fully take part."


Following a Broken Hip

Janet says,   "I tripped while playing badminton and broke my hip. After recovering, I hadn't the confidence to return to the sport but felt I needed the exercise.

I joined the Younger 4 Longer exercise classes and found the leg exercises especially helpful to regaining the strength in my leg.   I find the other exercises are beneficial for keeping fit generally."


















































































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