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About Us



Our Vision

We look forward to the day when there is an abundance of community groups for older people across the UK where a wide range of needs are being met - physical, social, spiritual, emotional and cognitive; where at least one member has the knowledge, confidence and skills required to provide a range of activities that will enrich the lives older people in their local community, thereby improving health, quality of life and feelings of self worth. 

We will seek to realise this vision by:

  setting up and running high quality, community based  Younger 4 Longer groups

  assisting others to set up and run similar programmes by offering good quality, evidence based, accredited training which provides the knowledge, skills, confidence and competence required to deliver this much needed service

Our Mission

We are passionate in our desire to promote the overall health, well-being and quality of life of older people in our communities.   We believe that by working together, we will be able to guarantee easy access to opportunities that will help to maintain health, strength and independence, enhance feelings of self worth and enrich the lives of countless people, thereby ensuring that no person is forced to live a lonely, isolated life which is devoid of meaningful relationships.  

Our Partners

Younger 4 Longer has been delighted to receive support and encouragement from several organisations, we thank them all most sincerely for their expertise, support and generosity.  

Our partners have included:

  New Life Community Church Wimborne

  The Royal College of Nursing

  British Lung Foundation

  Help the Aged

  Citygate Church, Bournemouth

  Wimborne Baptist Church

  Wimborne Methodist Church

  The Co-operative Foundation

  The Anchor Foundation

  East Dorset District Council

  The Seedbed Trust - an anonymous Christian group which kindly donated 5,000 to be used as required in the training of volunteers




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