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Younger 4 Longer is a community based exercise programme for older people and people with long term health conditions.   The programme provides safe, simple and effective evidence based exercise sessions which facilitate ample opportunities to also meet social and spiritual needs through a range of fun and exciting activities and events.  


Important Note

All of us at Younger 4 Longer are committed to keeping all of our members safe, strong and healthy.   We are therefore closing all of community based classes until this difficult time is over.

There are many online exercise sessions available, however, we are also working to provide some online Younger 4 Longer sessions and will let members know when and how they can be accessed.  

If you have any questions please do get in touch.  


Take care, keep safe and keep moving! 

Love Diane x



Beryl 83 years, "Younger 4 Longer … the difference this makes to one’s life is amazing.   Carry on the good work!"

Shirley aged 78 years says, "I feel so isolated where I live, Younger 4 Longer is my weekly lifeline."

Gordon aged 89 years says, "I wouldn't miss it for the world - my balance and leg strength have improved beyond recognition."


In the beginning we started with just two groups, but very quickly the number of classes in the programme increased from 2 to 16, totalling 321 participants, 88% of whom continued attending long term.   We have added to our programme and now have 26 open exercise classes taking place in 7 churches and 5 community halls across Dorset where we are helping hundreds of older people to stay safe, strong and independent.  

In order to achieve this success a comprehensive training course was developed and run by highly qualified health and fitness professionals which provides all the knowledge and skills required to become a Younger 4 Longer leader.  We would be delighted to help churches in other areas to set up similar programmes and can assist with the required training where necessary.   If you would like details of the training please do get in touch.  

Demonstrating that the course is of the highest standard, that it has been peer reviewed, that it is up to date and promotes best practice, accreditation by the Royal College of Nursing has been sought and achieved since 2010.  



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