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Our Vision

We look forward to the day when there is an abundance of community groups, churches, day centres and luncheon clubs etc. across the UK where a wide range of needs are being met - physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual; where at least one member of staff has the knowledge, confidence and skills required to provide a range of activities that will enrich the lives of those in their care, thereby improving health, quality of life and feelings of self worth. 

We will seek to realise this vision by:


offering good quality, evidence based training which provides the knowledge, skills, confidence and competence required to deliver this much needed service


adapting the training in order to meet the specific needs and requirements of individual applicants and care providers


seeking to attract funding which will help to keep the costs low


working in partnership with other organisations in order to maintain quality assurance


keeping our tutors and candidates up to date with the results of relevant research

Our Mission

We are passionate in our desire to train dedicated individuals who share our vision to promote the health and well-being valuable groups in our society, particularly older people.   We believe that by working together, we will be able to guarantee easy access to opportunities that will help to maintain health, strength and independence, enhance feelings of self worth and enrich the lives of countless people, thereby ensuring that no person is forced to live a lonely, isolated life which is devoid of meaningful relationships.  























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