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Exercising Safely & Exercising with Health Problems

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Some of the members of our Strength and Balance classes enjoying a paddle in the sea

during one of our long weekends away to the Isle of Wight!


The day we met the Queen!


Some of the men attending the circuit class

Sailor Girls at Calbourne Mill


Spring into Easter Y4L Dinner

Learning to play bowls


Younger 4 Longer members on the dance floor on a Warner's break


Some of our folk on a day trip to Osborne House

Enjoying a drink, rest and chat


Enjoying the peace and quiet in Quarr Abbey gardens on the Isle of Wight


Tea time at Waltzing Waters

Static bikes are good exercise for the heart and lungs

The classes really are great fun!


Enjoying the day at Forde Abbey


Mavis and Ivor on one of the day trips


Controlling the ball is more tricky than it looks!

The most popular piece of equipment is the rower




Having a stretch

at the end of the class


Practicing balance to prevent falls

Out for lunch together



On guided tour of the Gardens


Using small hand weights to maintain arm strength

Group photo, trip to Hillier's Arboretum

Working the heart & lungs on the step

Time for a well earned rest

On our way to the Isle of Wight

Ken & Hope enjoying a day out at Forde Abbey


Working on hand eye coordination can be great fun!

Coordination and stretching

Day trip to the Isle of Wight, Osborne House Gardens

Ending the session with a time of relaxation

Beautiful autumn colours at the Arboretum


Rough ground?

No problem for us!


The rebounder prevents jarring to the joints

when exercising

A few of the many shoe boxes we've filled


Always good to get together for a chat

Celebrating Ten Years of Keeping Fit

with Younger 4 Longer

Using ankle weights to strengthen legs

while working on balance

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