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The Younger 4 Longer Programme





The Younger 4 Longer programme is designed to help meet a wide range of needs among older people.

Physical Needs

Our main focus is on keeping older people safe, strong and independent through the performance of safe, simple but effective exercises.    The Younger 4 Longer exercise programme includes everything from gentle chair based sessions which concentrate on mobility, strength and balance, through to circuit training and exercise to music sessions which are ideal for active and able older people who want to improve and maintain their health and fitness.  


The range and variety of additional activities offered in the programme varies depending on the venue and programme leader, but here are a few examples.

Meeting Social Needs

Various opportunities are provided for social interaction.   The highlight for many over the last three years have been the long weekends away to the Isle of Wight and the chance to have a paddle in the sea - something they had not done for many years!   Thirty four Y4L keep fitters are currently looking forward to their 4 day break to Hayling Island.



Eighty eight year old Alan who has lived alone for over 10 years said, 'This was the first time for over ten years that I've been away from my home over night!   Thank you so much"

Throughout the year Y4L members have also enjoyed such things as pancake parties, bring and share lunches, afternoon teas, the 'Spring into Easter' Y4L dinners, Christmas parties and dinners.

They have been welcomed to a Tea Dance, Curry Night, Quiz Night, Latin Night and the Watoto Children's Choir concert held in Citygate Church.

Other Activities

Younger 4 Longer members have been delighted to take part in a range of activities that support others.   For example, they have raised money to 'Toilet Twin', provide Biosand water filters, to help relieve suffering around the world and to help AIDs orphans.

They have knitted hats for premature babies, provided clothing for the homeless and have enjoyed filling shoe boxes with Christmas presents to be sent overseas to children living in extreme poverty or in war torn areas.


This group which meet in St Michael's Church Verwood has held two 'aerobathons' and raised 1,000 for a local Dementia Friendly Community Association and another 850 for the Children's Society.



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